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EmergingEdTech provides information concerning various instructional technology resources. Topic include blogs and blogging; interactive white boards; Twitter; virtual labs; iPads and more! Features include a long list of tools and web resources for teachers, a selection of tutorial videos, and a YouTube channel.

One interesting article from the site, “100 Ways to Teach With Twitter,” provides ideas for using Twitter in the classroom. In the college classroom, Twitter can be used in many ways, from sending announcements to communicating with students without sharing cell phone numbers. Suggestions for class activities include following news stories, politicians, creating stories, and conducting educational “treasure hunts.” Many of these activities could be adapted for the middle school or secondary classroom.

Additional teaching ideas are presented in another article from the site, “Teaching and Twitter.” This article suggests that students might read a chapter and then present a concise synopsis using Twitter. Another suggestion is that students might follow a famous person tied to key current events, (for example, a political candidate during an election year) and then report to the class. Students might also share hyperlinks to information related to topics discussed in class.

In my own practice, I have found that Twitter is useful for discovering instructional resources and for developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by connecting with like-minded educators. In the article, “25 Ways to Teach with Twitter,” Cole presents ideas for using Twitter for professional development, as well as tips for appropriate “tweeting” etiquette.

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The Daily Lane

The Daily Lane provides a round-up of contributions from educators around the world. Features of interest include headlines, education, technology. These categories provide education-related news and items of interest to educators. Publisher Nigel Lane also maintains The Inside Lane blog, which features reviews of iPad apps, tips for using Twitter, and information about other useful educational technologies. The blog also includes a link to Lane’s Diigo library of numerous educational resources.

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