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Cool Cat Teacher

At Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis presents information about the many ways that she uses technology in the classroom. Her site includes technology tutorials, teaching tips, education-related news, and links to sites that can be used in the classroom. Davis sponsors “Flat Classroom Projects” that provide opportunities for global collaboration between classrooms at all grade levels. Davis explained that “The concept of a ‘flat classroom’ is based on the constructivist principle of a multi-modal learning environment that is student-centered and a level playing field for teacher to student and student to teacher interaction.” In the article, Digital Citizenship, Davis and Lindsay (2010) provide an overview of The Flat Classroom project, and explain the opportunities included in the project. Another article published by the pair, Flat Classrooms, describes the origin of the project.

Davis provided an excellent explanation of the ways that she used wikis for instruction. Students uploaded lesson summaries that contained vocabulary words and lesson concepts. They could access the content for at-home study. They also posted collaborative notes and created information wikis to explore new topics. She described a project in which students reached beyond the classroom walls to share important information about Internet safety. She also used the wiki for authentic assessments that replaced exams. For one assessment, students selected computer equipment for a family member and made recommendations regarding computer specifications to meet his needs. Another entry showcased a project in which students created virtual “study halls” for various school subjects. In her entry, Davis described the excitement generated by the project.

Davis’ suggestions for using wikis in the classroom could be used in a multitude of ways for almost any subject and grade level. For example, in a secondary business classroom, students might create sample business documents such as cover letters and resumes and post them to a class wiki. Students could also post notes related to the job application process and include information related to job interview skills. A class wiki would be an ideal place to post pictures of appropriate professional dress and to share other relevant information so that the entire class would have access to relevant resources.

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