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Smithsonian Education

Smithsonian Education provides numerous teaching resources related to a variety of topics. The site’s search engine can be used to locate activities by category, subject and grade level, or by state learning standards. In the category of Science & Technology, I discovered a lesson on podcasting. The activity provided an overview of podcasting, and then described an instructional activity in which 3rd-grade students from Arlington, Virginia, converted reports on the national monuments into a multimedia narrative history of the nation’s capital. After describing the class activity, the site provided links to resources for creating podcasts and then explained how to edit and distribute podcasts. Additional podcasting resources were provided.

Although this activity was designed for elementary students, it could be easily adapted for a high school class in history, technology, or English. Podcasts might be used for a formative assessment to determine what students learned on a field trip or to present a guided tour of local attractions or places of historical or cultural interest.

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The image above depicts the old Smithsonian building in Washington, D.C.