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The Learning Network

The Learning Network, hosted by the New York Times, posts a new lesson plan each weekday. Lessons are aligned with McRel national standards. You can sign up to receive plans via email each day or choose to receive them on specified days. Students may respond to a daily student opinion question, answer “Test Yourself” questions that are related to math and language arts, or learn what happened “on this day” in history.

When I taught secondary business technology, current event presentations were frequently used in my classroom. Each week, I selected an article to share with students or had them find relevant articles to share with the class. The Learning Network presents an innovative lesson in which students work in teams to annotate news articles using technology tools such as Wikispaces, SoundCloud, Tout, or VoiceThread. Annotations may include definitions of terms, related articles, videos, biographical information for people mentioned in the article, maps, or graphics. The article suggests that in a classroom without computers, the activity could be modified so that students create a poster that displays the article with hand-written annotations. This activity is an excellent way to actively engage students in reading the news.

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