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I Learn Technology

March 27, 2012 Leave a comment

I Learn Technology is an edublog published by Kelly Tenkely. The site provides information about instructional technology and electronic resources. It also includes posts that explain ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Tenkely is a former elementary school teacher, therefore most of the resources are intended for students in grades K-5. However, middle and high school teachers will find some suitable resources as well.

On the blog, Tenkely publishes a collection of I Learn “e-zines” that contain articles related to educational technology. The first issue presents information on mobile learning and features articles on podcasting, Apple iPod learning labs, and features of the various types of iPods. The e-zine also contains numerous links to websites appropriate for students of all ages, including iTunesU which features K-12 educational podcasts. The second issue includes articles on topics such as choosing an iPod for your classroom, computer lab management, and how-to’s for mobile learning. One section presents information related to iPhone apps, categorized by subject. Many of the apps can be used with any grade level, from kindergarten to high school.

Grammaropolis is a fun educational site designed for early elementary students. Tenkely’s Grammaropolis post describes the many features of the site. Grammaropolis includes animated books that feature the parts of speech as characters in an illustrated story. Additional activities include a song, videos, games, and quizzes. All of the content related to the Noun is free. All other characters include an animated description and a free book. Teachers can purchase a Grammaropolis passport for a small monthly or annual subscription fee. The passport unlocks music, videos, quizzes, and games for all of the other characters.

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