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Free Digital Photos

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Teachers sometimes have difficulty finding copyright-free resources that can be used for presentations and learning projects. In my classes, I teach students about issues of plagiarism and copyright, and I am careful to follow copyright laws in classroom assignments and presentations. Because copyright law is not always clear-cut, I take care to avoid copyright violations and to model appropriate use of resources for my students. In my search for digital resources for use in presentations, I found two excellent articles with many links to free digital images.

Digital Image Magazine has published two articles, “25 Free Stock Photo Sites” and “18 More Free Stock Photo Sites”, that provide links to free digital photo sites. Many photos from these sites can be legally downloaded free of charge. Others are available for a small fee. Make sure that you read the requirements for legal use of the images, as most require that you give credit to the artist.

I was pleased to see that one of my favorite photo resource sites, Free Digital Photos, was included in the second article. The site is easy to navigate and includes free low-resolution images that are appropriate for websites. Downloaded photos are not watermarked, and each photo download page provides a link to HTML code that can be used to publish a credit. The site has a variety of images and illustrations that are arranged in easy-to-browse categories. The site search engine makes it possible to easily search for images by keyword as well. Many of the images used on this blog are available from Free Digital Photos. No matter the topic, I’ve been able to find appropriate images that could be quickly downloaded.

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