A WebQuest is a collection of weblinks that are organized to guide students through the learning process as they develop a finished product. WebQuests can be designed to be completed in a class period or to cover a month-long unit and are usually intended to be completed in groups. They are created using preselected resources so that students don’t waste class time searching for information.

What is a WebQuest? is an excellent resource for learning how to implement WebQuests in your classroom. The site explains the WebQuest concept and the basic format and presents tips for evaluating quality. To help you get started, the site includes WebQuest collections and guidelines for creating your own WebQuests. WebQuest 101 provides an excellent guided activity to help you create high-quality WebQuests. The site offers many helpful suggestions for planning and implementing WebQuests in your classroom. The site explains how to choose websites to be included in a WebQuest, how to improve a WebQuest after it has had a trial run with your students, and how to evaluate students’ finished products. This WebQuest is an example of the skillful use of Wikispaces for designing a WebQuest.

WebQuests were created by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University. Tom March was another pioneer in the development of the concept. Since 1996, San Diego State has maintained a database that contains Webquests for many subjects at all grade levels. Tom March also maintains a collection of WebQuests. Dodge developed a rubric for evaluating WebQuests which can be helpful as you select or design WebQuests to be used in your classroom.

Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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